Investing here is investing in so much more.

When you invest in University District Kelowna you are investing in more than just your financial future. You are also investing in the future of students and the community. As UBCO continues to flourish, the demand for student housing increase and rental properties owned by investors provide that. There are two typical investment strategies to consider when looking at Okanagan investment properties; learn more below.



Cash Flow Investment

Potential investment returns up to
7.5% per year*

3-bedroom residences at University District Kelowna provide an opportunity for a turnkey property that will provide a consistent stream of passive income.

Real estate investments allow you to leverage your capital up to 5X through mortgage financing. This means that with a $100,000 down payment you can borrow the remaining balance on the purchase of a 3-bedroom residence and generate up to $2,700 in gross rental income.

All the buildings at University District Kelowna are less than 10 years old and typically require very little additional investment by owners outside of the monthly strata fee - which will be covered by income.


Long-Term Investment

Potential investment returns up to
10.6% ANNUALIZED over 10 years*

When it comes to long-term investments in real estate there are two generally accepted strategies one can deploy and they can also be combined:

1) Rental Income - this strategy is similar to cash flow investment, however, the focus is not on creating surplus cash now but to leverage your existing capital and pay down your mortgage loan with rental income. The condominium residences at University District Kelowna make for a good property for this strategy as they generate some of the strongest rents in the city.

2) Equity Lift - this strategy is based on future value speculation with the focus is on purchasing a property today that will increase in value over time. While there may very well be other types of properties more suited to this type of investment, one could argue that they come with significantly more risk. What makes the condo residences of University District Kelowna appealing for this strategy as well is their location - the proximity to UBCO and the demand that comes with it. The estimated investment returns stated above do not include equity lift as it is impossible to predict the future value.



Investor Testimonials

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*Investment returns are estimates only calculated from scenarios based on residences currently for sale and current market conditions at time of publishing. Investment returns can not be guaranteed. There are many factors to consider when calculating investment returns. Always talk to a real estate professional. All investments come with risk.